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Information for Parents

Our Philosophy

Joy’s Place for Children is a home from home where children are valued and nurtured in an environment conducive to gaining knowledge through, creating and imagining, exploring and hypothesising, making meaning of their world with real life experiences, activities and hands on experiments.

Using the Early Years Learning Framework to underpin our curriculum we will endeavour to instil a love of music, art, craft, language, movement, sport and science into our children’s lives as well as a caring and helpful attitude towards our community.

Our educators believe that children learn through a holistic play based curriculum that enables children to become independent, social and confident people with a sense of agency, pride in their accomplishments and belief in themselves as learners.

We advocate for the health and welfare of all of our children as well as their families both physically and emotionally, as we become part of our children’s lives, sharing, enjoying, encouraging, teaching and having fun together.


Our fees are $85.00 per day. Joy’s Place does not charge for three weeks when the centre is closed for the Christmas/New Year break. There is an $80.00 booking fee on acceptance into our centre and two weeks full fees refundable bond for the last 2 weeks of the year. There are no hidden charges.


We take you and your child’s privacy very seriously so photographs of you or your children will never appear on our website, Facebook or any social media associated with Joy’s Place without your consent. However, the children are photographed daily for portfolios and many of these photographs are displayed on our Kindyhub app.


At our centre we use Kindyhub. Kindyhub is an early childhood documentation software that streamlines documentation and enhances communication between educators and parents, thus allowing more time to spend with the children each day and provides you, as parents, with photographs, videos and observations of your child’s day.