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Joy’s Place is Perfect for Fun and Learning

This beautiful old Queenslander home was once the home to Joy’s own family and was originally located in Canundra. After being moved to Southport some time ago, it was converted by Joy and her husband into a beautiful, tranquil and stimulating early education and learning centre – limiting attendance to strictly 24 children only per day.

This unique tiny boutique centre boasts a truly natural environment, with a layout of gardens and native plants following the permaculture method in which all creatures live in harmony within the environment and there is no need for sprays, fertilizers or the like. An abundance of wild birds, mammals, reptiles and insects are enticed to visit our environment by our careful planning and planting of trees and shrubs.

We are proud of our old-fashioned personal touch, but are regularly embracing and introducing new ideas and methods into our curriculum.

All the original rooms have been left in place, enabling each room to be utilised as a separate learning area and a space for active, passive, noisy and quiet activities. Small sections of walls have been removed to allow for adequate visual access.

Take a look at our facility gallery to get a glimpse of the truly fun and inviting nature of Joy’s place. We also invite you to contact us to arrange to come down in person and have a personalised tour!